In June 2007 Adam (far left) and Curtis (far right) Nikkel, men that had gone on previous short term missions trips to Ukraine, moved from Abbotsford, BC to Krivoy Rog, Ukraine to work with the orphan children full-time.  Their goal was to provide a positive male role model for the children and to fulfill the teachings of Jesus to “care for widows and orphans.”  In January, 2008, Tanya (middle) and Vika (middle right), local Ukrainian girls, joined the team.  Since 2001 they had worked with our summer teams and also shared the vision to spend time with the orphaned children.  Adam and Luba (middle left) will be married in June 2008 and Luba will work alongside Adam as she finishes her university education. 

Presently our team in Ukraine is supported by people who have an interest in this ministry.  We raise funds for the team separate from those used to support the children and orphanages.  For all of our team, it costs $1900 per month.

Viktoria Matsevko (Vika)

What do you do and what is your family background?

“I study at the economic university in my fourth year. I live with my mother and brother. My mom works at the plant, and brother – at the furniture plant. But they don’t go to the church”.

How did you become involved with this ministry?

“I came to our church when I was 12, ‘cause my mom brought me there. And in a few months I started to go to the Bible studying, where Nastya Budyak was a leader. So, I found out that she was working at the orphanages. But in the beginning she didn’t want to take me there, ‘cause she said I needed to grow up. In September 2000 I went to Zarechniy orphanage first time. So, I’m in this ministry more then 7 years. And now I work at the orphanages all the time”.

What do you hope to see within this ministry and within your own personal life?

“I want to change kids’ (now my friends’) lives for the better and help them to find right way; to be with them in hard times; to help to understand why God gave them lives and find their goals and dreams.

I thank God that I’m here and that I take part in influence on my friends’ lives”.

What do you need prayer for?

  1. -  university, my exams; wisdom;

  2. -  more love (sometimes it seems that I don’t have it enough);

  3. -  patience;

  4. -  more strength to serve;

  5. -  aspiration for doing more and more for God;

  6. -  the grads who need wisdom;

  7. -  the kids who are going to go to the universities;

  8. -  the kids’ and my family accept God as their Savior;

  9. -  my family… and future family too!:)

Tatiana Pastushenko (Tanya)

What is your family background?

“My family consists of four people: my mom Ira (she is a pharmaceutist), sister Katya (she is a nurse), and father Serezha (he doesn’t work). I can’t say that my background was very good. My father doesn’t work and he never was a good father for me. But I have awesome mom who replaces him.

How did you become a Christian?

“My life with God started when I was 16 years old. When I just came to church I accepted God. And I can’t say that before my life was bad, but God filled that empty inside of me and gave me sense of my life”.

How did you become involved with this ministry?

“At the church I met Nastya Budyak and then I go with her to Zarechniy orphanage first time. So, that’s how I started to serve God in the orphanages. In the beginning I was going there only once in a week, but later it was more and more often. And now when I look at all those years that I spent with the kids I understand that I would never exchange them for something else. And I know if God didn’t do it everything in my life would be different. Now all the grads and kids are the part of me and my life”.

What do you hope to see within this ministry and within your own personal life?

“The main goal of my ministry is: to have relationships with the kids; to be a good friend for them. So when they need to choose their ways they’ll be able to make right choices.  I know that the kids from the orphanages heard lots about God, but I want to show that we are there not just to tell that God loves them, but also to show that we take care about them and they are the part of our lives.  I want the kids from the orphanages in future to be helpers in our ministry like we do in Mishurin Rog”. 


Tanya and Vika, girls who have worked alongside our summer teams since 2001, have been added to our team of Curtis and Adam to work fulltime in the Krivoy orphanages.

Their Job Description includes:

  1. work on finding more Ukrainian workers to go to the orphanages

  2. life skills training for the girls

  3. Bible studies

  4. advocate for the kids who have graduated

  5. one on one mentoring

  6. services in the orphanages

  7. youth service once a month

  8. outings with the kids

  9. lessons

  10. crafts

  11. games